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Apparatus for testing the moulding and core sands properties

Metallographic apparatus

Core Hardness Tester

Device suitable for hardness evaluation on core/molds.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.014

Amine Vapor Generator

This amine vapor generator is been designed to be used in laboratory to process small cores (eg. sacrifical bars).
Suitable for Coldbox process (others possible).
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.055

Green Sand Hardness Tester

For evaluation of mould surface hardness (green sand mixtures).
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.003.

Sand Rammer

The rammer is used to compact the moulding sand in way to get a test specimen in compliance with pending standard.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.010

Universal Strength Apparatus

This manual equipment is design for educational purposes (suppliable against batch order of 3 units).
Determination of strength: compressive, spalling, shear on cylindrical specimen, transverse strength on bar specimen.
Comprehensive description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.003.

Sieve-shaker Mod.Heavy

Mechanical multi-dimensional 3000 cycles/min frequency motion ,provided by mechanical motor and silencer group, manufactured in accordance with following specifications: UNI - ASTM - DIN - BS - ISO - TYLER -GOST –NF.
Touch screen with graphic controls.
Accessories upon request:
- Sieves series DIN (4188, 1171) , AFS e BS
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.024.

Hot Deformation Tester

Machine provides information around hot distortion of bar made with sand and binders used in foundry application.
(Dimensions of specimen as per UNI/AFS standard).
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.025

AllinOne Mod.UNI

A semi-Automatic machine able to investigate most relevant proprieties of green sands and moulding sand mixtures.
Determination of strength: compressive, spalling, shear on cylindrical specimen, transverse strength on bar specimen.
With ability to make a standard cylindrical specimen.
Comprehensive description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.003.

AllinOne Mod.Compact

A semi-Automatic machine able to investigate proprieties of green sands and moulding sand mixtures.
Determination of strength: compressive, spalling, shear on cylindrical specimen, transverse strength on bar specimen.
Comprehensive description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.003.

AllinOne Mod.HP

A semi-Automatic machine suitable to perform high pressure test on standard cylindrical specimen.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.003.


A wide range of attachments for sand testing equipment are available on our warehouse.


SSpecial tools for sand testing equipment available on request.

Electric Permeability Meter Multi-nozzles style

Electric permeability meter:
accessories to test coatings.

Electric Permeability Meter Multi-nozzles style

Electronic permeability meter, stationary version.
Supply comprises an exthernal switch for voltage supply.
Permeability value as:GF unit or as mbar.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.004

Portable Electric Permeability Meter multi-nozzles style

Electronic permeability meter, portable version.
Supply comprises an exthernal accumulator charger.
Permeability value as:GF unit or as mbar.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.004

Wet Tensile Tester

Machine for determination of Wet Tensile Stength on green sand.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.013.

Infra-Red Rapid Drier

This apparatus is designed for the determination of the humidity content into a foundry sand sample.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.026.

Laboratory Muller

Laboratory muller to make low amount of mouding sand,up to a max.6 kg.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.023.

Laboratory Mixer SM

Laboratory mixer, vibratory type, to quickly mix small batch of sand and binders.
Capacity approx.5 liters.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.022.

Continuous Clay Washer - Twin Type Style

This apparatus is intended for estimation of fines content into moulding sand.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.011.

Laboratory Scales

A wide range of laboratory scale to allow users to perform controls on their moulding sand.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.019.

Moisture Balance

To determined weight and humidity of the sample under examination.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.009

Muffle Furnace

Muffle furnace allow user to perform loss of ignition (L.O.I.) on moulding sand.
Suitable for industrial and school laboratories and for universal use.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.006.


Laboratory ovens, with natural (VN) or forced (VF) ventilation.
Standard Working temperature range: from +50(centigrade) up to +280(centigrade).
At request suppliable model up to +700(centigrade).
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.008.

Laboratory Coreblowers type MECCORE

Laboratory core blowers type MEC-CORE.
Semi-automatic machine with PLC to run controls.
Corebox tooling in grey iron as standard, single or double dies for production of the sacrifical specimen.
Models available for processes: cold box, hot box, shell and Co2.
Upon request suppliable a multi- process version.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.018

Gas Pressure Recorder for molding sands

The machine SGAS allow user to evaluate the pressure generated by a sample of molding sand under a steady heating stress.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.061.

Peelback Tester

Equipment for Peel Back test on precoat sand (shell sands).
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.007.

Methylene Blue Clay Testing Kit

Kit to determine the amount of total live clay present in the system sand by the reaction with methylene blue.

Kit for Quick Clay Washing

This kit allow user to quick remove all fines from the moulding sand.
It comprises an ultrasonic washer and 20-microns screen.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.060.

Climatic Chamber

Suitable to conditioned the raw materials used in molding processes.

Furnace for sinterization tests on sand

This oven is been designed to perform sintering test on sands.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.012

Pneumatic extractor for cylinrical specimen

For extraction of the cylindrical specimen after preparation.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.059.

PH-meters for use in foundry

Selection of PH-meters suitable for use in foundry laboratories.
Stationary or portable models.
Description on datasheets BLAB.BRO.058.

Small Induction Melting Ovens for laboratory purposes

Selection of small induction melting ovens for use in laboratories (foundry sector).
Suitable for melting ferrous alloys.
Upon request models (vacuum centrifuge) suitable for production of sample XRF / spectrometer analysis.
Description on data sheet BLAB.BRO.054

Metallographic Microscopes

A wide range of microscopes is available

Radioactivity Metering :portable devices and stationary installation

Portable instrument , design to survey gamma radiation emission sources
(es: 137Cs; 60Co ecc.)
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.043.
Upon request we could supply stationary radioactivity metering installation ,with 2 or 4 detectors , and special execution.
Description available on datasheet BLAB.BRO.050.

Stereo microscopes

plenty models available

Metallographic Cutters

The metallographic cutters are designed to work in laboratories environmental , to perform plane cut strictly in cold conditions on all metals.
The mainframe of the machine is made of stainless steel.
Wide housing for parts accommodation below the cutting wheel, working surface and cutting wheel cover are nickel-plated chemical treated to perform protection against wearing and corrosion.


Universal polishers suitable for the surface preparation of metallographic specimen , abrasive papers of various grade to keep final surface quality. Suitable to preparation of specimen for use with spectrometer and microscopes.

Mold assembly Mounting Presses

Moulding presses to produce quickly perfect embedding of metallographic specimen using every kind of thermoplastic or thermosetting resin.

Consumables for methallography purposes

Abrasive coating wheel AL2O3 and ALSiC.
Diamond coating wheel.
Lubricant for metallographic cut off apparatus.
Abrasive papers adhesive and not adhesive type.
Papers for polishing.
Spray, slurry e diamond slurry for polishing.
Alumina, magnesium oxide and silicon oxide.
Lubricant for lapping application .
Diamond coating wheel for grinding and polishing application.
Resins for specimen embedding in hot or cold condition .
Reactives for chemical attack .

Ecological diamond-base lubricants for methallography purposes

Diamond slurry, water base, for polishing scopes.

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